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DEWANYE RICHARDS - Smooth Operator


Dewayne is a fresh yet seasoned talent at UV. He is a studied & accomplished actor and has been doing voice work, public speaking, and otherwise performing for over 12 years. His voice has been described as "so real." Dewayne is a consumate professrional and has considerable training and experience recording for radio, television, movie trailers, commercials, audiobooks, video games, narrations of all kinds, and documentary film. 

Dewayne says he's been wanting to be in voice-over since he could remember... You'll definitely remember Dewayne!

  • Easy-going

  • Sexy, smooth

  • Southern charm

  • Fun & upbeat

  • Instructional & educational

  • Believable & down-to-earth

  • Resonant tenor

  • Urban or hip-hop 

  • Intuitive sense of textual flow and meaning

Hillary Clinton - polit ad - regnl radioDewayne Richards

...hang tight! More from Dewayne will be uploading really soon!

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