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DAVID THORNTON - The Sultan of Smooth


We are so excited to have David Thornton aboard. He is an actor par excellence and has been either on stage or behind the mic for decades. His voice is so smooth & rich in timbre we call him "The Sultan of Smooth." His ability to meld into his roles is unmatched, surpassed only by his excellent vocal control and range. But, don't let the smooth talk fool you, he has a sharp wit and an equally classic comedic timing.

David has solid practice and experience recording for radio, television, movie trailers, commercials, audiobooks, video games, narrations of all kinds, and documentary film. 

His humility and genuineness belies his immense talent to move you with his vocalese. Try him once & you'll want him to voice every project you have!

  • Easy & soothing

  • Sexy, smooth baritone

  • Intense and convincing

  • Authoritative

  • Comedic & jovial

  • Perfect movie trailer tonality

  • Instructional & educational

  • Believable & down-to-earth

  • Many accents in English

  • Full-bodied characterizations

Project HOPE - AnthemDavid Thornton
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